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NewCore Wireless Orders LTE Diameter Signaling Service

NewCore Wireless says that it has chosen to work with PT, a supplier of network communications, to expand network capacity and upgrade to SIGTRAN capability.

The deployment of the SEGway signaling platform positions NewCore for relocation to LTE/EPC/Diameter. The SEGway platforms, including SEGway STP and SEGway Universal Diameter Router (UDR), are designed to deliver network-based protocol (SS7, SIGTRAN and Diameter) routing solutions, through PT’s “Dynamic Routing Engine” concept.

Albert Kangas, General Manager and Chief Operating Officer at Newcore Wireless, commented, “In our expansion to Next Generation Network, PT was selected to provide the switching element due to their solid signaling experience and their powerful signaling evolution roadmap.”

PT’s SEGway Signaling products are deployed in over one thousand locations, providing the Signaling backbone for many of the world’s wireless networks.

NewCore Wireless is a full-service hosted GSM/UMTS wireless technology provider offering solutions to rural carriers.

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