New Wi-Fi Operator to Start Work in Tashkent

New Wi-Fi Operator to Start Work in Tashkent

A new telecommunications Wi-Fi operator started working in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. An official launch ceremony under the SOLA brand took place in Tashkent. New Wi-Fi Operator to Start Work in Tashkent

The subscribers can get access of SOLA system in two ways, paid and free. Free access iss provided after viewing the commercial. Paid tariffs work without traffic restrictions and are distinguished by increased flexibility. Additionally, the subscriber iss offered to issue an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly subscription.

Bekzod Akhmedov, director of Asia Wireless Group LLC, said.

The public Wi-Fi network is an important factor in urban development. People should feel that Tashkent loves and cares about them, and what speaks about feelings better than providing an opportunity to communicate? Money on the phone may run out, a foreign guest may not have a local SIM card, but the inconvenient situation will not become a problem. Using free Wi-Fi, the person will continue to communicate with the outside world.

New Wi-Fi Operator to Start Work in Tashkent

Bekzod further added that:

The SOLA network already covers such popular locations in Tashkent as the South and North railway stations, Megaplanet, Parus, Samarqand Darvoza and VegaCentre shopping centers, Chilanzar, Katartal, Yunusabad, Mirabad and Parkent markets. Coverage area will be constantly expand in accordance with the incoming applications for connection. Our immediate plans are to install a Wi-Fi network in the tourist cities of Uzbekistan.

Furthermore, the versatility and mobility are the two main features of SOLA services. The users can get connection in just four clicks and payment iss accepted through the payment systems Paynet, Click, UzCard and PayMe. Additionally, there is no need to go to the office to draw up a contract. In the future, Asia Wireless Group plans to introduce payment through international cards Visa, Mastercard and Unionpay.

Moreover, in this system, there is an effective solution for business. Other Telecom operators can use its services to offload mobile traffic. The establishment of Internet services through a partner Wi-Fi network SOLA will allow the mobile operator to reduce the load on its own data network, reduce costs to increase coverage and ensure high quality services.

The development of the SOLA advertising platform is another promising activity. The audience of this area of activity will increases with each new access point. Commercials that aree viewed by the user for free Internet access are geographically and temporarily targeted. At the request of the advertiser, the experts of Asia Wireless Group are able to customize the display of an ad within a given radius around the outlet or during its hours of operation.

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