New Motorola Smartphone to Be Shown Off On 1st August

 Motorola is expected to show off its much-heralded smartphone, the Moto X on the 1st August, after it sent out invites to a press conference for that date.

Motorola has been dropping hints about the phone for the past couple of months, and while details are still unclear, it is expected to have a range of sensors that will carry on operating even when the phone is in standby.

It will also be the first Motorola smartphone to be wholly designed from scratch following Goolge‘s purchase of the company.

It will also be the first phone in some years to be explicitly assembled in the USA as opposed to an overseas location. That may pander to US consumer sentiment for locally produced goods, but probably more usefully, means that rivals can’t seek an import ban if the device is infringing their patents.


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