Need of Image SEO to Rise Again; Some Amazing Hacks To Keep You Ahead

Need of Image SEO to Rise Again; Some Amazing Hacks To Keep You Ahead. With all the changes that have been rolling into Google image search, business owners just cannot ignore image SEO anymore. The standard practices we have been using for years have gotten a major facelift. The removal of the “view image” button, image learning and Visual search, Google Lens, and the new Google algorithms are here to stay. All these features are only getting more important every day.

Need of Image SEO to Rise Again; Some Amazing Hacks To Keep You Ahead

Not that long ago, image SEO was one of the easiest ways to get traffic to your site. But in 2013, Google added the “view image” button and the clicks to websites plummeted. Since then, most people left image SEO practice in the backburner hoping that their SEO plugins would do the work for them. But this is not the case anymore.

Let’s take a look at what has been changing in the world of image SEO:

1. Removal of the View Image button

This change is not so great for the people using photos illegally from Google. But for those who create their own custom infographics, charts, and graphs, this is great news!

2. Image Search Optimization is here

Another big change in image search is the rise of visual search. Image search results are not relying only on keywords and metadata anymore. Visual search has the distinctive capability of helping users search for things by how they look, rather by how they are described.

3. Rich Snippets and Structured Data

One of the most important additions for good visual SEO is schema markup, also known as rich snippet code. This is a bit of microdata added to your website which improves the way your business appears in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Rich snippets are created with the addition of structured data inside the code of your site. The code you need depends on the type of business you have.

If the structured data is done correctly, your images will show up as rich snippets on both desktop and mobile. On mobile, they could potentially show up with a badge on the left-hand corner.

4. Google Lens app is live and rolling out to most types of phones

How does this affect your image SEO?

Say for example, if you have a bar in a big city and someone walking past sees it, they can point their phone at it with Google Lens to find more info. The app will give suggestions as to what it is. If your website or social media profile has a good quality photo of the front of your bar, it will show up. Other people might have taken a photo of your bar and posted it somewhere with good image SEO and that photo will also show up.

5. Believe it or not, your image SEO also affects results in voice search

More and more people are using Siri and Google Voice to search for things online. For this instance, your standard image SEO must be on point. No extra wording, no keyword stuffing or unnecessary terms.

Say, you have a graphic on your site about how to outsource IT employees. Think about how people might want to search for something like that. They will say to Siri, “How can I outsource an IT team” or “How to outsource IT.” They will never say “A graphic about how to outsource IT workers, step-by-step tutorial.” So you have got to be vigilant and wise enough when inserting titles, metadata, and alt tags to your images and graphics.

6. Changes in Google Analytics image search results

A new analytic system is rolling out for referrals coming in from Google Image Search. Previously, all Google search results (image or web) were listed with the same referrer. Now, web search and image search are separate. From now on, you will really know how image search is affecting your traffic.

Some Amazing Hacks and Practices you Need to Adopt in Order to Rank your Image and Content SEO Higher on the Search Engines


  • Don’t forget the importance of the file name before uploading.
  • Never overstuff Alt Tags, but also never forget to include them.
  • Random or non-unique stock photography is terrible for your SEO.
  • Always compress for speed!
  • Implement Open Graph tags for Facebook, Twitter Cards and Rich Pins.

The removal of the “view image” button, image learning and Visual search are only getting more important every day. How will you stay ahead with visual SEO for the rest of 2018 and upcoming 2019? Here’s how to check with your web developers and SEO experts. Are your systems up to date?

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