NarMobile’s Special Offer for Journalists

Nar Mobile presents a new NarMedia Tariff Plan specially designed for Media representatives. They can now spend only 2 gapiks for phone talks among themselves.

The new Tariff Plan is open for all representatives of TV, radio, internet media, and those newspaper and magazines, which are registered at the Press Council.

“Since the day of its creation, Nar Mobile has been highly valuing its cooperation with journalists. It is known that journalists live a dynamic lifestyle, and communicate with many people during a day. Nowdays, mobile communication opportunities ease the workload of journalists. Therefore, we have decided to present Media a privileged tariff package that would differ from other tariffs. I am confident that this package will facilitate their work, and we will also be able to get news in more operative way”, – said CEO of Nar Mobile, Kent McNeley.

In order to join the tariff plan, a journalist should present the following documents by applying to the Nar Dunyasi and Nar Centers of the Company:
• Identity Card;
• Journalist ID Card
• Work Certificate (including stamp and signature, address, phone, e-mail);
• For Printed media (newspapers and magazines): The applicant’s institutions should be registered at Azerbaijani Press Council

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