Nar Mobile’s Chief Sales Officer Is Awarded the Taraggi Medal

According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan of 6 February 2014, Leyla Nasrullayeva, Chief Sales Officer of the Azerfon LLC is awarded the Taraggi medal for her services rendered to the development of ICT field.


It should be noted that Mrs. Nasrullayeva was born in the communications specialists’ family which enabled her to gain large successes as a true professional in telecommunications. With her 15-year telecom experience behind, Leyla Nasrullayeva has worked previously for such large companies as Ericsson and Siemens. Since her joining to Azerfon LLC, she was instrumental in successful implementation of various projects. Thanks to her strong commitments and high professionalism, Leyla Nasrullayeva has acted as an initiator of an idea to start up mobile communication services onboard of Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) aircrafts. She went on by implementing successfully this project and ensuring another innovation brought by Nar Mobile. It is evident that she has become the only woman to be awarded the Taraggi medal by the Decree of the Head of State.

Feeling very proud of this success attained by their employee, the Azerfon family is belated by a growing number of its professionals and is honored by such a high State appreciation given to their services in the country. Attaching a special importance to human resources, the Company believes that the number of highly specialized professionals will grow among its employees thanks to the successful corporate HR strategy and has no doubts in hearing them soon from the high podiums.

The Azerfon Company congratulates all communication representatives and ICT specialists awarded the Taraggi medal, and wish them every single success in their future careers.

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