Nar Mobile – talk 7 minutes and get 7 for free!

Good things come back. In Nar we call it Boomerang tariff.

Nar Mobile continues to please its subscribers. According to Boomerang tariff offered by the company subscribers will be able to call in all directions within the country just for 7 kopecks without paying any subscription fee.

On Boomerang tariff for every 7 minutes of domestic calls you make during the day, we give you 7 minutes for free. The free minutes can be spent for domestic calls during the same day. We offer affordable rates for all services on Boomerang tariff.

If you wish to join Boomerang tariff, you can follow one of the following steps:
[list style=”unordered” type=”type1″] text 2013 to short number 777
dial *777#2013#YES or via Nar Mobile Menu
Nar Mobile İnternet Guide or come to Nar Dunyasi shops or Nar centers


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