Nar Mobile Extends Its Support to Sports’ Contest

Differing by its constant support to the development of sports in Azerbaijan, Nar Mobile attaches a particular importance to the promotion of new types of sport and the awareness campaign among youth in the country. This time, Nar Mobile acted as one of sponsors of IFSC Climbing World Cup, which was held for the first time in Azerbaijan on 22-23 June 2013. The competition took place on climbing boards of 15 meters in height installed outdoor in the State Flag Square.

69 sportsmen and sportswomen from 11 countries competed in this tournament organized by joint organizational efforts of the Azerbaijan Federation of Air and Extreme Sports (FAIREX) and International Federation of Sport Climbing and the technical support of the Ministry of Youth and Sport.

The World Cup took place in the Seaside National Park and the State Flag Square which are densely populated by teenagers and youngsters enabling them and any other people to freely watch the contest and promote further this type of sport among Azerbaijan youth.

It should be noted that Nar Mobile thinks it important to implement projects aimed at the development of Azerbaijani culture, arts and the sports, and made it as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.



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