Nar Mobile Extends Its support to Oncology Children

Nar Mobile has sponsored the event organized by the Children’s Clinics of National Oncology Center on June 1 – International Day for Protection of Children. During this event, a short film about patients suffering from oncology diseases was screened, the entertaining concert program was presented and various gifts were given by Nar Mobile representatives. The evening was followed by fireworks.


“The event that we present today is a source of support and joy for children that suffer from grave disease. For Nar Mobile, it is a duty and that is why we supported a charity action yet again. According to our Corporate Social Responsibility policy, we treat these issues as our priorities, and will spare no efforts to continue helping and supporting it in the future” – noted Kent McNeley ,CEO of Nar Mobile.


The cancer which transformed into a big evil of the century puts an end to lives of thousands of people each year. Unfortunately, children facing the risk of this disease are not a minor part among such patients. According to statistical data, 200 thousand children are contracting this disease each year; half of them face fatality. Though reasons of generation of such disease remain unknown for the science, there is a serious progress in diagnostics and treatment of cancer. Azerbaijan has also gained results in this field and treats this disease in various ways.


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