MTS Turkmenistan Adds SMS+ Service to ‘Gul-Yaly’ Tariff

Mobile operator MTS Turkmenistan has introduced the opportunity to access its SMS+ service to subscribers of its ‘Gul-Yaly’ tariff. On-net SMSes and SMSes to Turkmenistan networks are being offered for TMT 0.03 from the second to 100th daily message, and the rate for any further SMS messages, as well as of the first daily SMS, will be calculated as per the tariff chosen. The daily subscription rate for the option totals TMT 0.10. Subscribers are also being offered a second telephone number free when connecting to the ‘Gul-Yaly’ tariff. The free number will be connected to the ‘MTS Easy’ tariff, the size of the balance will total TMT 1. The offer is available in MTS branded shops, as well as in dealers’ shops, until 31 May.

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