Mozilla Announces Second Round of Firefox OS Launches

Mozilla has announced that new launches of Firefox OS smartphones will begin soon with more devices and in more markets around the world. This news follows just weeks after the successful launches of the first Firefox OS smartphones, the ALCATEL ONE TOUCH Fire and the ZTE Open.

Firefox OS phones are currently available from Telefónica in Spain, Colombia and Venezuela and  Deutsche Telekom in Poland. Individual partners will announce specifics about upcoming launches in each market.

“The positive market reception of the first Firefox OS smartphones demonstrates that people like the user experience and openness we’re building with Firefox OS,” said Jay Sullivan, Mozilla Chief Operating Officer. “We continue to enhance Firefox OS to deliver the best experience for the many people around the world buying their first smartphones. We are looking forward to seeing the response to the next round of Firefox OS launches.”


Yotam Ben-Ami, Director of Open Web Devices at Telefónica, said, 

These first launches of Firefox OS in Spain, Colombia and Venezuela have surpassed our expectations demonstrating a strong consumer appetite for a great value and open smartphone offer. We now look forward to bringing the benefits of Firefox OS to our customers in Brazil and three other Latin America markets during Q4 2013 as well as making it available through many more Telefónica operating businesses during 2014.”

Thomas Kiessling, Chief Product and Innovation Officer at Deutsche Telekom, said,

Deutsche Telekom’s launch of the first Firefox OS smartphone in Poland is very successful. We are really pushing the device to all T-Mobile Poland’s points of sale and experience that people are absolutely keen on exploring the possibilities of the new operating system. We are now excited about the upcoming sales start for our congstar customers in Germany. And we will bring the first devices to Greece and Hungary soon.”

Telenor also confirmed plans to launch Firefox OS phones in Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro before the end of the year.

John Jackson, IDC Research Vice President said,

Many of the new markets Firefox OS is expanding into offer significant volume potential, and all contribute Web ecosystem benefits. This growth underscores operators’ strategic commitment to the platform and their satisfaction with consumer adoption to date. It is striking that the Firefox OS is entering its second phase of expansion at a time when other aspiring third smartphone platforms continue to struggle for position, scale, and sustainability in the competitive market. The platform continues to add new features that are appropriate for its target markets, striking a balance between value to consumers and affordability. Perhaps more importantly, Firefox OS continues to attract new apps and content partnerships. These are like lifeblood for a platform and should further help drive consumer adoption and spur innovation in developer communities around the Web.”

New Firefox OS phones will have the latest version of Firefox OS (1.1), which includes many performance improvements and new features like MMS messaging. Existing Firefox OS users will be upgraded to the latest version soon.


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