Movistar Espana Considering Core Network Upgrade to Enable LTE launch

In the wake of announcements by three of Spain’s four mobile network operators regarding launch dates for 4G services, Expansion claims that Movistar Espana has begun shopping around for a vendor to upgrade its core network. With Movistar the country’s only cellco not to have announced concrete plans for the introduction of LTE technology, it is understood that this is due to a lack of capacity on its 1800MHz spectrum allocation, which it currently uses for 2G services. Having been expected to wait for 800MHz frequencies which are due to be made available as part of the sale of digital dividend spectrum in order to launch 4G, a delay to the sale process has been cited as having prompted the operator to reconsider its options.

Movistar proceed with plans to upgrade its core network, it could introduce commercial LTE services using the 2600MHz band as early as October 2013. Meanwhile, it has also been suggested that Movistar is examining other options, including rumors that it may look to ink a roaming agreement with rival Yoigo for the latter’s LTE network, which is expected to be inaugurated on 18 July 2013.

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