MoneyGram Reports a Return to Global Transaction Growth in December

A global leader in P2P payments and money transfers, today announced a return to global transaction growth for the month of December. The company reported a 2 percent year-over-year increase in number of transactions, driven by strong performance from both its global consumer direct digital business and its international walk-in business.

MoneyGram Reports a Return to Global Transaction Growth in December

“We’ve been focused on digitizing each customer touchpoint and these results highlight how consumers are increasingly valuing the investments we’ve made as part of our digital transformation,” said Alex Holmes, MoneyGram Chairman and CEO. He added: “Consumers are seeing a ‘new’ MoneyGram and, as a result, our online customer retention rates have improved significantly. We’re excited about the building momentum behind our consumer-centric capabilities.”

The company also announced that MoneyGram customers sent the largest number of  international transactions ever in the month of December. The company previously disclosed that 60 percent of its money transfer revenue is now generated from its international business, which continues to accelerate the company’s revenue diversification strategy as part of its digital transformation.

MoneyGram remains focused on leading the industry in seamlessly connecting senders and receivers. By digitizing each customer touchpoint and creating a digitally-enabled back-office infrastructure to support its global operations, the company aims to provide a highly-personalized experience for fast and affordable global money transfers.

About MoneyGram International, Inc.

MoneyGram is a global leader in cross-border P2P payments and money transfers. Its consumer-centric capabilities enable the quick and affordable transfer of money to family and friends in over 200 countries and territories, with over 65 countries now digitally enabled.

The innovative MoneyGram platform leverages its leading distribution network, global financial settlement engine, cloud-based infrastructure with integrated APIs, and its unparalleled compliance program to enable seamless and secure transfers around the world.

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