Mobilink Introduces E-Care Portal for Prepaid Customers

Mobilink introduced e-care for its prepaid customers.E-care enables consumers to manage their accounts online.

Mobilink says that with e-care portal customers will be able to:

[list style=”unordered” type=”type1″] Track the usage of your number
View your credit recharge history
View your account details (name/address/other details)
Check the status of your free minutes/SMS (if applicable)

Once signed-up you will be given a full control of your Mobilink number to manage it online. Customers will be able to view/add VAS services that they are using or change/update your account details.

Customers must watch out that their Mobilink e-care account passwords are not revealed to anyone. Or no-one is able to sign-up on their behalf with Mobilink e-care portal or this can go dirty as this way anyone can have.


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