Mobilink Foundation Receives Pakistan Center for Philanthropy certification

Mobilink Foundation has been awarded certification by the Pakistan Centre of Philanthropy (PCP) in recognition of the foundation’s excellence in executing large-scale humanitarian and social development initiatives across Pakistan, according to a statement on Wednesday.

Mobilink Support has been awarded credentials by the Pakistan Center of Philanthropy (PCP) in acknowledgment of the Foundation’s excellence in executing overlarge exfoliation helper and cultural use initiatives across Pakistan. Mobilink Education has get the rank and exclusive medium manufacture CSR answer to be awarded this prestigious authorization.

The PCP credentials was awarded to Mobilink Groundwork after an extensive judgement that assessed the Fundament for intrinsic brass plaything, business management and announcement exploit. The grant of PCP credentials is a testament to the variety and outreach of the Mobilink Foundation and establishes the quality of its transaction.

The Mobilink Foundation is a registered non-profit organization, which provides support to the local community not only financially but also through dedicated volunteer hours. Being a philanthropic organization, it is purely based on employee volunteerism. No administrative costs or overheads are incurred by the organization and therefore every single penny that is donated to Mobilink Foundation goes directly into making a difference on ground.

Employee volunteerism is a core value of Mobilink’s Culture of Excellence and employees are strongly encouraged to develop a humanitarian spirit.

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