Mobile wallet accounts grow 25% to 1.8 mln in Pakistan

The branchless banking players were able to register growth in m-wallets or mobile accounts by 25% during July-September 2012 to take the count to 1.8 million mobile accounts in total, said a report published by State Bank of Pakistan.
Moreover, 7% growth was registered in number of agents, 11% growth was recorded in number of transactions and 21% in value transacted during Jul-Sep 2012 quarter, said the report.

The activity level of M-wallets has also improved as 66% of total accounts were active at the end of the quarter after posing 30% growth during July – September 2012.

State bank said that the growth in Level 0 accounts is mainly because Easypaisa started registration of Level 0 accounts during the quarter besides significant contribution by Omni in the same category. However, the number of level 2 accounts has declined by 1% during the quarter. Level 1 accounts still represent the largest category (59%) among M-wallet accounts followed by Level 0 accounts (36%) and Level 2 Accounts (3%).

Number and value of transaction

More than 31.4 million transactions worth of Rs. 139 billion have been conducted through branchless banking channels during the quarter ending September 2012. The number and value of transactions have grown rapidly during the Q3 of 2012 by 11% and 21% respectively. The growth rate, however, has slightly declined as compared to Q2 of 2012.
The average size of transaction was Rs 4,420 during Jul – Sep 2012, while the average number of transaction per day increased to 349,411 from 315,178 during the quarter.
Bills payment & top-up remained the dominating activity in the transactions with 45% share, followed by P2P, and deposits /withdraws /A2A/ A2P transactions with share of 38% and 11% respectively. It indicates that the Person to Person (P2P) payments is still the most popular .

Number of mobile banking agents have reached at 31,637 showing 7% growth during 3Q 2012 out of which 2,666 agents have been reported as an estimate for the shared agents.
The agents‘ performance has improved during the quarter. On average an agent has performed 994 transactions during 3Q quarter 2012, which is 3% more than the previous quarter.

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