Mobile service Soon Launched Between Pakistan & India

Pakistan official are agreed to launch new mobile phone service between Pakistan n india but due to some concerned it is not possible, but efforts are made for settlement of those issues informed by the parliamentary panel.

Soon mobile users in India and Pakistan may be able to roam in each others’ countries.

Roaming services between the two countries have been banned since 2004 after Indian security agencies raised concerns around misuse by anti-social elements. While terrorism was one of the biggest issues, Indian agencies also raised cricket betting as another reason to ban roaming.
The Standing Committee on Commerce of the National Assembly or lower house of parliament was told by officials of the Ministry of Information Technology yesterday about the move to allow mobile phone services between the two countries.

Also Standing Committee on Commerce of National Assembly was already working to open mobile services between India and Pakistan.

This step will be beneficial for the commerce of both countries and also effect the business sector.
In this regard Ministry of Information Technology has already done its home work and on the move, further Commerce Secretary Munir Qurashi said that main hurdle is the issue of linkage between cellular companies of two countries and further mobile companies are on the board to take approvals from their parent companies and their board of directors.

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