Mobile Operators to Pay 600 Soums per Subscriber

The Government of Uzbekistan increased the sum of a payment for use of subscriber number by legal entities, rendering mobile communication services (mobile communication companies) from 1 January 2014.

According to the presidential resolution “On forecast of main macroeconomic figures and parameters of the state budget of Uzbekistan for 2014”, the mobile operators will pay 600 soums a month per subscriber in 2014, which grew by 100 soums compared to 2013.

The payment is paid for each subscriber, number of which determined at the end of each month. The Government of Uzbekistan introduced the payment in 2012.

The funds received from the payment is directed to the State Budget of Uzbekistan and to the State Committee of Communication, Information and Telecommunication Technologies with further direction to financing investment programmes and programmes on information and development of telecommunication networks.

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