Mobile online banking on the rise in Australia

Mobile banking reaching new heights

Mobile banking is taking hold in Australia. The Market Intelligence Strategy Center, a financial services consultancy, has released new information concerning the state of mobile banking and mobile commerce within the country. More consumers are finding it easier to manage their finances through their mobile devices. This includes paying for products, managing investments, and accessing their bank accounts. These are all aspects of mobile commerce, a phenomenon that is growing in popularity around the world.

Analysis shows mobile banking reaches 6 million users

According to the Market Intelligence Strategy Center, mobile banking in Australia has exceeded 6 million users. The firm notes that it took nearly four years for Internet banking to reach the same milestone, but mobile banking has reached it in just over three. This data is based off of figures released by the Australian Communications and Media Authority, which notes that the adult population using smart phones is at 8.7 million strong throughout the country.

Banks begin embracing mobile consumers

The nation’s banks have been embracing mobile technology aggressively. Over the past year, nearly all Australian banks have made changes to their services in order to be more accommodating of mobile consumers. Many of these banks have seen the majority of their traffic come from Android devices, with iOS devices coming close behind. These banks have also found the mobile technology is a great way to sell products to consumers, as they enjoy a nearly constant connection with customers through a variety of mobile banking applications.

Focus on mobile may be good for banks

Mobile banking is expected to become more popular as mobile Internet speeds increase. 4G connections are becoming more common, but have yet to become universally available to all consumers. As Internet speeds increase, consumers are more likely to increase their reliance on the mobile devices they have come to love. This may be good news for Australia’s banks, as well as the country’s various mobile commerce initiatives that are working to attract the interest of mobile consumers.

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