Microsoft Lync: Transforming Business Communication in Pakistan

Microsoft Pakistan held an exclusive event for Pakistani corporate customers in the presence of Worldwide CTO for Lync, Aamer Kaleem at the Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi.

Aamer Kaleem travelled all the way from Seattle to engage with Pakistani customers- a growing market which Microsoft is keenly interested in.  The discussion provided a detailed insight on “Microsoft Lync”, software which provides organizations integrated communication solutions designed to cut costs and improve productivity.

At this occasion Microsoft Country Manager Pakistan, Amir Rao, shared worldwide enterprise communication trends and discussed how customers in Pakistan could benefit from Microsoft Lync.

“The way we connect and interact with people, information and organizations is evolving, and those changes have tremendous impact in the workplace,” said Amir Rao, “With Lync, Pakistanis can now reduce communication costs and increase productivity levels within their organizations for a better customer satisfaction experience.” He added.

Aamer Kaleem, Worldwide CTO for Lync also commented:

Lync provides a consistent, single client experience for presence, instant messaging, voice, video and meetings with a single click or touch. It enables users to communicate with the right people at the right time wherever they are. This is where Lync supports the needs of today’s businesses. It is transforming the way people communicate as part of their everyday productivity experience”

Lync communication tools help foster a unified company culture and are quickly adopted for their user-friendly outlooks. At this Enterprise Communication event, customers were given a test run of Lync features as well including video, audio and text connectivity options that can easily engage teams spread across geographical locations.

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