MegaFon Stops Mobile Scam

MegaFon has stopped Mobile Scam Company and blocked phone numbers from which messages were received by the subscribers. Lately, many subscribers of mobile operators of the Republic of Tajikistan started receiving SMS with long-distance service. In the texts of SMS users were requested to call back to the room, if the Subscriber called, his account was removed. 

This distribution is illegal. To protect our users from potential SMS spam and fraud, we are constantly monitoring their activity and, in cases of occurrence, we are blocking messages coming from the intruders.”

-First Deputy Executive Director MegaFon, Denis Nikitin 

MegaFon subscribers who receive SMS from malicious users may report to the company’s call center on telephone 907700500 or in any Office of sales and service. Also for the convenience of users, formal groups on social media of MegaFon have been created where customers can leave spam complaints.

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