MegaFon Completes Integration of LTE Networks

MegaFon Russia has completed the key processes of the integration of the LTE network operators Skartel and Yota which it bought back in October 2013.

The process of the integration of assets took several months, and now all primary processes of support and service of the Skartel network have been switched to MegaFon; and MegaFon and Skartel signed an agreement on the lease of the communications network.

We combined the networks of two operators in the interests of customers. MegaFon subscribers got access to higher quality mobile Internet at 4G high speeds and Skartel will be able to develop new services due to the powerful infrastructure of the converged networks.”

-Anna Serebryanikova, MegaFon Director of Legal Affairs.

Company subscribers show a strong interest in 4G- internet. In particular, a week after the firmware updates of the iPhone 5S/5C on January 24, 2014, LTE-traffic on smartphones in the MegaFon network increased by 42%.

The company has also deployed LTE-A services in Moscow.

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