Megacom to Expand LTE and 3G Networks

Megacom to Expand LTE & 3G Networks

Megacom is the largest telecom operator by subscribers in Kyrgyzstan. It has expanded its services in all over the region. Megacom to Expand LTE and 3G Networks

According to a report, Megacom has expanded its coverage of LTE network in different areas. The service provided by the operator are available in the settlement of Milyanfan in the Ysyk-Ata municipality in the Chuy region. The other areas where Megacomm increases its services availability are the city of Bishkek.

Megacom to Expand LTE and 3G Networks

According to Megacom, it received an LTE license last year, while it already offer 98% 2G population coverage and more than 60% via 3G technology.

The operator is not only expanding its coverage but it also upgraded its network in different cities. Additionally, the network upgradation has done in the settlement of Ay-Kuduk in the Ysyk-Ata muncipility.

Megacom is not only limited to upgradation and expansion of coverage but it has also launched the exploitation of its 3.75 base stations in seven villages. The areas where operator is using its 3.75G base stations are the Batken,Zhalal-Abad and Osh regions.

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