MCIT Signs Contract Installing 240 New BTS

Ministry of Communication & Information Technology, Afghanistan has signed the contract of seventh project, which includes 240 BTSs and towers in 173 districts of 34 provinces of the country.

The Contract was signed with Private Telecommunication Companies (Afghan Telecom, AWCC and Roshan), which are announced as the winner in the process of bids evaluation in a press conference held at local hotel.

In this gathering Vice Chairman of ATRA Eng. Khair Mohammad Faizi said, “Based on the provision of the law of Telecommunication Services, the MCIT and the Afghanistan Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (ATRA) are obliged to provide opportunities for the growth and devolvement of communication services throughout Afghanistan.” Further he said, “These 240 sites are expected to be implemented within 18 months in district areas by completion of the projects, about 480’0000 our fellow citizens will benefit from telecommunication services.”

He continued that in 1387, ATRA compiled and finalized the policy and procedures for the implementation of Universal Access Projects in local communities utilizing the TDF fund, he added, “that based on the provisions of Telecommunication Act, the private companies are obliged to contributions equal to 2,5% of their net revenues towards the TDF.”

Source: MCIT

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