MCIT Issues 3G license to Afghan Wireless Communications Company

MCIT has issued 3G Technology license to Afghan Wireless Company during a press conference held on Wednesday March 19, 2014.

H.E. Amirzai Sangin Minister of Communications and IT also joined the event. H. E. Sangin explaining the importance of technology in daily life of the people and said:

Information Technology plays vital and essential role on good governance, economic growth and other fields. He emphasized that the aim of MCIT is to provide updated information technology facilities and we have achieved significant development in mobile phone services so far, almost all the people have access to this services.”

Although efforts have been made in the development of internet services, the 3G technology services are provided services in 20 province of the country by four communication companies. He said that:

our target is to cover 80 percent population and area of Afghanistan within a year. Therefore, two years ago we started issuance of 3G technology licenses and to date we issued to four (etisalat, MTN, Roshan and Afghan Telecom) companies; and today we give the license of 3G activities to Afghan Wireless Communication Company.”

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