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Kenyan Govt pushes for LTE to be rolled out across Kenya by December

Kenya’s government is pushing for countrywide Internet coverage with Long Term Evolution (LTE) connectivity, also 4G technology, expected to be rolled out in most parts of the country by end of this year.

Officials from the government said that administrative units within the counties will have to be connected to the Net by December, a drive that would be supported by both cable connectivity and 4G.

Kenya’s ministry of information and communication permanent secretary Dr. Bitange Ndemo told the parliamentary committee that broadband connectivity to the counties is set for completion in December through the fibre-optic or LTE.

Reports indicate the first phase is already complete.

The government may however have to consider re-routing to include those regions left out in the maps as they were based on out-dated administrative boundaries.

Kenya’s treasury department has given an okay for the formation of a public-private consortium to oversee the roll out of the 4G.

The 10-member committee will comprise the country’s four mobile network operators including Safaricom, Yu, Airtel and Orange.

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