LTE or 4G mobile devices is set to explode from about 1 million this year.

According to the research done by the Telsyte it was predicted that,The number of connected LTE or 4G mobile devices is set to explode from about 1 million this year, to 17 million services in operation by the end of 2016.

Telsyte :

The Telsyte Australian Mobile Services Market Study 2012-2016 analyses and forecasts movement in the mobile services market.
It estimates about 46 per cent of total mobile connections will be 4G by mid-2016 and in some cases, will provide an alternative solution to fixed-line broadband.
According to the director of Telsyte research( Foad Fadaghi):

[quote]“the forecast for 4G adoption was revised due to the significant number of changes in the market this year. Our latest research indicates a combination of new handsets, strong carrier deployment of 4G services, and mobile broadband as an alternative to fixed-line services is resulting in faster than initially expected uptake of 4G services in Australia,”[/quote]

Reason og LTE Growth:

The rate of growth depends on the avalibilty and usage of 4G Smartphones,iPhones,tablets and devices from HTC,Motrola,nokia.
Fadaghi estimates more than 20 LTE-enabled devices will be available through carriers this year. By the end of 2016, more than 80 per cent of smartphones sold will be capable of using Australia’s 4G networks.

Telsyte analyst, Alvin Lee, said.
[quote]“These bands are supported across the globe in different countries, and are likely candidates to mitigate future LTE roaming challenges,”[/quote]

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