LTE Joint Rollout Inked By Celcom, Puncak Semangat

Malaysian wireless operator Celcom Axiata has revealed that it will roll out 4G infrastructure jointly with new licensee Puncak Semangat.

Celcom will work with Puncak Semangat subsidiary Altel Communications, with the two companies pooling their respective 2×10MHz blocks of spectrum in the 2600MHz band to construct a network utilizing LTE technology. It is understood that as per the terms of the agreement between the companies, Celcom will serve as the exclusive infrastructure and wholesale provider for Altel, which will offer services as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). Meanwhile, the deal also covers the terms and conditions relating to domestic roaming services and RAN sharing arrangements between both parties, which are said to be subject to further negotiations and eventual execution.


Alongside the deal that it has inked with Celcom, the newcomer has confirmed that it will consider a request from the cellco to utilize the other 2×10MHz not currently included in the arrangement.

Commenting on the development, a statement from Celcom said: The rationale of this collaboration is to establish a smart alliance that will benefit both Celcom and Altel in achieving their short and long term business goals. The proposed collaboration is also in line with the government’s call for telecommunication companies/mobile operators to join forces to accelerate broadband penetration in the country and enhance the digital lifestyles of Malaysians.’

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