LTE Investment is Set to Accelerate Throughout Latin America in 2014

ABI Research says that it expects there to be growth of 10% in mobile telecoms capital expenditure (CapEx) in Latin America rising toUSD6.1 billion. Upgrades and expansion of 3G WCDMA and LTE coverage will result in radio access network related spending capturing 40% of CapEx.

Investment in small cell base stations is garnering momentum with 40% year-on-year growth in 2014 to USD484 million.

Mobile telecom capital expenditure in Latin America is expected to grow rapidly in 2014 as investment in 4G LTE starts to accelerate. Significant amounts of capital expenditure are still required to build out 4G LTE coverage. In particular, mobile cellular CTOs are prioritizing investment in the core network functions as Internet packet traffic and value-added 3G and 4G services are playing an increasingly prominent role in the telecom services of the region,”

-Jake Saunders, VP for core forecasting at ABI Research

ABI Research estimates population coverage stood at just 34% at the end of 2013. This should change over the next two years as LTE subscriber adoptions grow from 2.33 million to 23 million. There is pent-up demand for access to Internet services in Latin America that cannot be addressed by DSL and cable Internet services.

While some of the economies in Latin America have troubled leadership and a mixed bag of economic growth, when it comes to mobile voice and broadband demand, the telcos are struggling to keep up.

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