Kwick High Tech & Solutions (Pvt) Ltd

Kwick High Tech & Solutions (Pvt) Ltd has Arrange Android Game/Apps Competition for University Students

Kwick High Tech & Solutions (Pvt) Ltd is the pioneer of Manufacturer of GSM SIMs and Smart Cards in Pakistan. KHT&SPL has arranged an interuniversity Android Game & Application Competition for Students.  The German Ambassador in Pakistan H.E. Dr. Cyrill Nunn was the chief guest of this competition. The Competition was also attended by high officials from all major Government, Telecom & Banking sectors.

The German Ambassador in Pakistan said that:

“Pakistan is the land of opportunity and in different seminars and competitions he has seen the extra ordinary talented people. Germany and Pakistan has bilateral ties in different fields, and Germany has always welcome and encourages the talent of Pakistan.”

Kwick High Tech & Solutions (Pvt) Ltd

Mr. Waseem Rafi, CEO of KWICH High Tech & Solutions (Pvt) Ltd has urged the need to promote the young and new talent of Pakistan. This can only be done once we make proper policies to promote them from the grass root level. This shall boost the confidence in the young talent of Pakistan and shall make them confident to compete in the domestic as well as in the foreign market.

He has also emphasize that:

“As the things in Information technology is moving very fast so now laptops have taken the place of PC & laptops and palm tops have been replaced by android devices so we should more forcing on the android based applications and games. This event was organized to encourage all those fresh candidates who are show their talent in software (Apps or Game) development. Being a service company we have to keep up with the market pace and ensure new ideas keep on falling in for effective business development. Keeping our business legacy alive we are hosting a competition for students. “

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