Joseph Macri VP of EMEA Public Sector Microsoft visits Pakistan

As part of the Microsoft strategy, it has been partnering with the governments to help them identify their real-time needs and to leverage technology in a way to address today’s pressing concerns. Current governments are facing unprecedented economic challenges; the need for them is to invest in long-term growth to secure the future. Information and communications technology (ICT) holds enormous potential to create jobs, increase productivity, and launch a new era of sustainable economic growth. It can also help governments become more open and responsive to citizens and provide better public services at lower cost.

JoeMacriForeseeing the unlimited potential of the Country; Joseph Macri, Vice President, EMEA Public Sector, is on a two-day visit to Pakistan. The objective of his visit is to meet government dignitaries and decision makers in the country and discuss prospects to increase productivity and efficiency with the latest solutions and innovation from Microsoft.

During the first day of his visit on Tuesday, he met with Ms. Anusha Rehman; the State Minister of IT for Federal Government, Mr. Akhlaq Ahmad Tarrar; Secretary IT of MOIT and Chairman Higher Education Commission of Pakistan; Mr. Imtiaz Ghani.

Pakistan may have challenges of fewer resources and a swelling population but it has a potential to emerge as one of the world’s leading IT players with its 60% youth population ready to meet the challenges.”

-Anusha Rehman, IT Minister.

Joseph Macri, Vice President, EMEA Public Sector, Microsoft said, “Microsoft is working with key stakeholders in the country to make a Real Impact for a Better Pakistan. We and our partners work closely with government leaders, organizations and citizens to help them fully harness the power of the innovation with flexible solutions, programs and partnerships to meet local needs. Our objective is to foster innovation locally that can enable people to make a Real Impact for a Better Tomorrow.”

“At Microsoft, our vision is to help countries, governments and citizens move from “opportunities imagined” to ”opportunities realized” and will continue to play a pivotal role in facilitating Government and people to realize their full potential” commented Amir Rao, Country Manager, Microsoft Pakistan.

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