IUT and UNICON.UZ Sign Memorandum of Understanding

IUT and UNICON.UZ Sign Memorandum of Understanding

Inha University Tashkent is one of the best technical institutes in Tashkent providing quality education to students. It keeps on taking different educational initiatives to act as emerging technical university. IUT and UNICON.UZ sign memorandum of understanding. Last time the university collaborated with Microsoft to provide students access to different tools of Microsoft.

IUT and UNICON.UZ sign Memorandum of Understanding

This time ITU has partnered with Scientific-engineering and marketing research center “UNICON.UZ. According to the signed memorandum, the parties agreed to consider an opportunity of joint use of research laboratories for scientific and technical studies. Students and Professors of IUT will also be able to test works of IUT into the production processes of UNICON.UZ.

IUT and UNICON.UZ will also cooperate in the sphere of publication of scientific articles of students and professors of the university in scientific-technical magazine “Akhborot kommunikatsiyalari: Tarmoqlar – Tekhnologiyalar – Yechimlar”, published by UNICON.UZ.

IUT and UNICON.UZ also plan joint implementation of projects through attracting students and professors of the university to ongoing and planned state projects of UNICON.UZ.

Annually, IUT students will also have the chance to undergo internship at UNICON.UZ.

Another field of cooperation will hold joint events, technical camps and festivals to promote science, mathematics, technologies and engineering among the youth of Uzbekistan.

The parties agreed on joint implementation projects on holding national and international seminars, conferences, roundtables, master classes and guest lectures to strengthen skills and qualifications of IUT students and contribute to the development of IT-industry in Uzbekistan.