Intel upgrades 3G RF chip with power amplifiers

Intel Corp. (Santa Clara, Calif.) has announced the integration of a 3G HSPA radio frequency transceiver with power amplifiers on a single 65-nm die. This chip is designed in a standard 65-nm foundry process as offered by Global Foundries and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd., said Stefan Wolff, vice president of the Intel Architecture Group, in email correspondence with EE Times.

The SMARTi UE2p integrates power management and sensors and allows direct connection to the battery. The chip supports multiple 3G dual-band configurations for use with Intel’s HSPA modem chips. This will allow customers to introduce lower-cost 3G handsets and support the transition of the machine-to-machine market segment toward 3G-based connected devices to help enable the Internet of things.

The Smarti UE2 is proven product that has shipped in various high end smartphones, UE2 stands for UMTS/EDGE 2nd generation. The p has been added for the integrated 3G power amplifiers.

A specification is available but only under a non-disclosure agreement and for selected customers, Wolff told EE Times. The specification is not intended to be published.

Intel said the Smarti UE2p chip would be available as samples in the fourth quarter of 2012.

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