iSchool Project Launches with Ericsson and Bhutan Telecom

Ericsson says that it has partnered with the Bhutan government and Bhutan Telecom to roll out the country’s pilot eLearning project ‘iSchool’ across six schools in Bhutan.

The project should reach 250 students studying in grade nine across Bhutan.

As part of the project, Ericsson has deployed video conferencing solutions and technology across one master school and five participating schools. Bhutan Telecom is providing high speed broadband connectivity (8Mbps bandwidth) to connect all these schools.


Nidup Dorji, CEO, Bhutan Telecom said:

Broadband is the cornerstone of delivering high quality services and enabling economic opportunities for citizens. Providing last-mile connectivity to the schools is a key delivery and we look forward to bringing this opportunity for a 21st century education to students in Bhutan.”

iSchool Project is based on the global education initiative, Connect To Learn. Connect To Learn is a collaborative effort between Ericsson, the Earth Institute at Columbia University and Millennium Promise that leverages the power of ICT to enable access to education to students everywhere. The initiative is based on the use of connectivity to implement low-cost and user-friendly ICT for schools through mobile broadband and cloud computing.

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