Is Online Freelancing a Right Career for You?

freelancer is self-employed person offering services, usually to businesses and often to multiple clients at a time. The type of work freelancers do varies. Nearly every type of service a business would need could be provided by a freelancer, including marketing, such as social media marketing, copy writing, and publicity, writing, such as articles and blog posts, technological support, such as web programming and design. But the big question here is that “Is Online Freelancing a Right Career for You?” Many of you must be attracted to the fact that there would be no more saluting that boss or supervisor, or working hours that someone else decides for you.

But as easy as it seems, freelancing is more challenging then you have been told. This is not easy money. The ever-changing world of emerging technologies makes it even hard. The purpose of this post is not to discourage you but make you aware of some of the top challenges you should be prepared for.

A clearer definition of freelancing tells you that it is not just getting online on freelancing sites, and start doing projects. It requires much more than your skills to reach the target and goals. Before living  a dream life, you need to pass lots of hurdles. Thus, if you are planning to choose freelancing career make sure that it is right for you or not? It takes a lot of courage to decide if one should make it a full-time online freelancer or work as a side-job for passive income. Freelancing comes with it’s taste of good and bad, but when it’s done right, it comes with great perks of freedom,  money and peace of mind. No boss, no rules, no fix timings, and work from anywhere.

Why not everyone gets success in freelancing career?

Freedom never comes free and thus here are few factors worth considering before choosing a full-time freelancing career:

Freelancing gives you freedom, and you become your boss. This sounds fascinating, but at the same time; you need to be self-disciplined. You have to be very sincere about your work. Especially if you are an online freelancer, you are bound to get distracted easily. You need to understand “Time is money“, and you need to keep your focus on your work.

So forget the difference between day and night, you have to deliver your work on time. It can’t be automated and needs a lot of legwork. It’s not for lazy people. The most important factor of freelancing is to finish the projects within deadlines thus if you are planning to start freelancing make sure you have good time management skills. Initially, it may sound like not a big deal kind of thing, but as soon as you move ahead in your career, you will face the biggest problem of getting stuck in multiple things. If you stay organized from day one, you are bound to get success.

When you are working with a company, there are many programs and factors to help in motivation. But, when you work alone from home there are lots of factors which demotivates you or at least you can feel the lack of constant motivation. Problems with friends/family, lack of productivity, not enough earning, the bad day with the client and lots more, these factors can easily drag you away from creativity and your work. Thus, If you are like me who needs a mentor to keep me motivated and help you to get best out of you then to freelance would be the tough job for you.

No matter what field you choose, planning is the first step towards success. To get success in freelancing, you need to be an efficient planner to plan about all projects, their deadlines, which project to accept and which to reject. You need to be sure what’s next is in your “To-Do Lists”, instead of hopping from one project to another and finishing none.

Maybe freelancing is your dream work, but you can’t ignore earning. Earning is always secondary when have passion in what you do but it do count. Thus, before leaving your full-time job make sure you have sufficient savings because it might take the time to start a good earning as a freelancer. Lack of money might discourage you.

Your income is directly proportional to the number of hours you’re working. The number of hours is fixed, unfortunately, so you have to increase the amount (keeping the quality constant) per hour but that also comes with a limit.

You are NOT your own boss but are going to have multiple clients (read bosses). Have patience and strong communication skills or be willing to learn.

You need to be a one-man army and are supposed to manage anything and everything including Business Development, Client Relationship, Invoicing & Signing Contracts, Keeping track of taxes, and Personal Branding. Get ready to wear a lot of hats and be very disciplined.

No job security, no paid vacations, no health insurance, no employer benefits, no unemployment benefits, no paternity leave, and no paid time off. Earn enough to pay for everything yourself.

This post is not to discourage any freelancers out there but to let them know about the challenges they will have to face.

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