iPhone Xs Max Bursts into Flames In Man’s Pocket

iPhone Xs Max Bursts into Flames

Josh Hillard from Columbus, Ohio reported to iDrop News  that on December 12, while on lunch break at work, he noticed a strange smell coming from the back pocket of his pants. He then felt intense heat that burned his skin, followed by green and yellow smoke.

The heat and smoke were coming from his iPhone XS Max, but Hillard was forced to move to another room to take off his pants as there was a female co-worker in the break room at the time. An executive heard Hillard yelling, and used a fire extinguisher to take out the flames.


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Apple hasn’t said anything officially on the matter as of yet, so we can’t say for sure whether or not this issue will reside in other iPhone XS Max variants. Similar issues have been reported in Apple’s phones in the past as well and while it’s likely to be a battery problem with Apple’s iPhones, the company hasn’t reported on what exactly caused the issue.

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