Internode Unveils 4G NodeMobile Tariffs

Alternative Australian operator Internode, which is now part of iiNet, has announced the launch of 4G plans for its ‘NodeMobile’ service. Prices for the new service start at AUD15 (USD13.8) per month for a plan offering a 200MB monthly usage allowance, while the top-end option costs AUD60 per month for a 3GB data cap, as well as unlimited calls and texts.

Commenting on the new plans, Internode’s Mobile Product Manager Marcus Hecht said: ‘[The tariffs] give our customers access to 4G speeds with generous quotas at great prices … Our customers are always looking for ways to get even more use out of their mobile. Now, with ultra-fast 4G speeds, they will experience less buffering, improved audio quality, and smoother streaming services as a result of reduced lag.’



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