Intel to Launch 10th Gen Cascade-X Processors

Intel to Launch 10th Gen Cascade-X Processors

Intel is going to introduce one of the top next generations of its ultra-high-end-X-series processors. These processors are the top 10th generation cascade-X processors that are low in price but comes with boosted performance. Intel to Launch 10th Gen Cascade-X Processors

It is the flagship processors and called Cascade-X that is a new generation of processors. It includes 18-core, core i9-10980XE that will cost $949. The price seems very expensive but it is less expensive as compare to the previous processors Skylake X that cost $2,000.

Intel to Launch 10th Gen Cascade-X Processors

Other models in the series will also be more affordable in comparison, including the 10-core i9-10900XE ($590), 12-core i9-10920XE ($689) and 14-core i9-10940XE ($784).

These new chips will be compatible with up to 256GB RAM while the previous one was adjustable with 128GB RAM capacity. It includes 72 lane support for PCIe 3.0, WiFi 6, and faster Ethernet.

According to Intel, these new 10th Gen Cascade X chips processors will launch in the month of November.

Here are all of the new processors down below, along with their all-core Turbo speeds, core counts and pricing:

Core i9-10980XE: 18-cores, 36-threads | 3.8GHz Turbo | $979 (about £797, AU$1,460)

Then Core i9-10940X: 14-cores, 28-threads | 4.1GHz Turbo | $784 (about £640, AU$1,170)

& Core i9-10920X: 12-cores, 24-threads | 4.3 GHz Turbo | $689 (about £560, AU$1,030)

Core i9-10900X: 10-cores, 20-threads | 4.3GHz Turbo | $590 (about £480, AU$880)

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