Intel to Produce Children’s Computers in Azerbaijan

The US-based multinational corporation Intel will start producing children’s computer Classmate PC in Azerbaijan, the Intel vice president, John Davies, said Dec. 1 at a press conference in Baku held prior to the BakuTel-2014 exhibition and conference.

The Classmate PC is intended for schoolchildren. Davies said that:

“Currently the manufacturing facilities of Intel are located in six countries. Along with this, the company manufactures computers through the mediation of local companies.”

Davies added that:

“Such a practice is today implemented in seven countries, which have plants for production of computers meant for children.”

He said that:

“Such manufacturing facilities are now operating in Argentina, Portugal, and several countries in Africa, adding that it is also possible that a similar plant will also function in Azerbaijan. The implementation of this project it is necessary to start cooperation with local producers and open up the local sales channels.”

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