Instagram Rolls Out New Feature That Aims To Tackle Social Media Addiction

Instagram has now launched a new feature that is designed to help users better manage their time on social media in order to overcome what they call “social media addiction”. This feature is called “Your Activity”. The introduction of the Your Activity dashboard puts an increased pressure on the rest of the technology firms to introduce tools that tackle social media addiction. Instagram Rolls Out New Feature That Aims To Tackle Social Media Addiction.

Instagram officially announces new tools to fight social media addiction

This feature includes tools to set daily limits on how much time is spent on the app, as well as the ability to silence notifications. The social media giant has planned to roll-out three new functions in order to overcome social media addiction:

  • An activity dashboard: so you know how much time you’ve spent in the apps
  • A daily usage reminder: this will let you know when you’ve hit a self-defined number of minutes using the apps
  • A feature to mute notifications: kind of like WhatsApp, you’ll be able to stop push notifications from Instagram for a limited timeframe

Social media has been proven to be as addictive as gambling and experts have been calling for responsible use of the technology for a long time. This is undoubtedly a step in the right direction, as well as a move that legitimizes the problem.

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