Infinix #S5pictureclearhai hits 5 million on TikTok

Recently, Infinix, the online smartphone brand of China-based Transsion Holdings, carried out a campaign on this famous social media app TikTok with a hashtag #S5pictureclearhai and it has already hit 5 million views. The success of the newly launched phone is evident from the rapidly spreading viewership and the ever-increasing sales graph.

Infinix #S5pictureclearhai hits 5 million on TikTok

The main purpose to roll out this specific campaign is to spread awareness about the best product in the market. The world is changing. Now, people are getting more educated with time. They do not just find out about a new product from the market. In the present time, social media serves the whole purpose. This has become the fastest followed trend to use apps like, Facebook and TikTok to put out the news in the market. The campaign is used to inform targeting the masses about Infinix S5, its features and the price in which it available. It highlights the most important feature of the phone that is the camera result.

Another reason for this Tiktok campaign to get so much hype is the interference of these notable celebrities that joined this bandwagon of TikTok and raved about the camera quality of this phone. The names include Sana Javed, Abdullah Qureshi, Zara Peerzada and Irfan Junejo.

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Infinix joined hands with some famous tiktokers that came up with unique ideas to put the video and hashtag in the popular trends. All other tiktokers followed their steps and created their own music videos and now #S5pictureclearhai has reached 5 million hits and this is another milestone for the brand.

All these tiktokers are going crazy over the tempting music used in the video and the concept that is being introduced. “Picture Clear hai” is a story in itself. Famous TikTok celebrities were spotted making videos around the storyline where their pictures are of low quality, but with Infinix S5, it is all clear with high pixels and great resolution.

It is about time that other brands started learning from Infinix to come up with a better plan to put this platform into positive use. These videos can be a great source of learning about any new product that appears in the market.

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