Huawei Welcomes More European Vendors in China Mobile’s Huge LTE Tender

Huawei has appreciated the European participation in China Mobile’s massive 207,000 LTE base stations tender and hopes that more vendors supporting China Mobile’s TD based LTE network will be good for the whole TD-LTE system, and could see it deployed in more countries where FDD based LTE is more commonplace.


“All the time, the European telecom equipment providers have brought high-quality and technically-innovative products and services for the market of China Telecom construction, an important driving force of China’s booming telecom market.” Huawei’s carrier networks BG CEO Ding Yun said while talking to a local newspaper.

“If European manufacturers become the main construction force in the tendering for China Mobile’s TD-LTE construction, it shall be conducive to set up global TD-LTE standards and help countries to release more TDD spectrum and invite more operators to choose TD-LTE, thus promoting TD-LTE to the world.”

Of course, that would then help Huawei compete in other markets as it would have a strong TD-LTE base to build upon.

Australia’s Optus would also be a beneficiary, as they have started deploying dual-format LTE networks in parts of the country.

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