Huawei Now Signed a Power of Attorney Agreement with Spacetoon

Huawei Now Signed a Power of Attorney Agreement with Spacetoon

Huawei technologies now announced that it has signed a Power of Attorney agreement with Spacetoon. The first to air Arabic animation channel in the Middle East, to license several of popular and favored cartoon themes in the Middle East. Huawei Now Signed a Power of Attorney Agreement with Spacetoon.

By this agreement, Huawei will be able to offer custom themes based on the Spacetoon characters.  Huawei handset users will be able to enjoy those themes by accessing the Theme Store on Huawei device to download and configure themes directly on their handsets.

Huawei Now Signed a Power of Attorney Agreement with Spacetoon

President of Huawei Consumer Business Group Saudi Arabia, Pablo Ning Said :

We look forward to working with Spacetoon to continue shaping the childhood of future generations. With Huawei’s customers spread across all Middle East region and to entertain animation and Cartoon lovers. We are very happy with this collaboration with one of the most prominent TV channels in the Middle East that has shaped the childhood of so many individuals in the region.

Further that the Huawei and Spacetoon are planning to extend their collaboration and bring Spacetoon closer to huawei users. By making the Spacetoon Go app that allow users to browse and stream thousands of hours of video content such as movies and TV shows when they choose, available on Huawei’s devices.

General Manager of Spacetoon, Anas Erabi Commented on collaboration :

We see the partnership between Spacetoon and Huawei as a great interaction between two largest content and technology platforms across the region. It will open up opportunities for our followers and users to enjoy the best content experience, best hardware and technical platforms.

Additionally it will continue to develop a strategy focused on channel, retail, brand, marketing and services to strengthen the business base and streamline operations and customer service. Although the company will continue building on its core competencies to lead the future and become a popular cultural and technical brand for consumers.

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