Huawei launches TDFi product at 2012 LTE World Summit

Huawei has launched an end-to-end TDFi product at 2012 LTE World Summit. With TDFi, end users can access LTE TDD networks with any Wi-Fi-enabled devices to access mobile data services. This enhances LTE TDD network resource utilisation, and accelerates existing network data distribution in hotspot areas. The TDFi adopts LTE TDD mobile backhaul instead of wired backhaul to solve the problem of WLAN deployment. In March this year, China Mobile took the lead in organising a ‘China Mobile Happy LTE TDD Network Experience’ activity Hangzhou. Using Huawei’s TDFi product, people riding in buses could experience stable LTE TDD data services using Wi-Fi-enabled smartphones. In the near future, the TDFi will enable LTE TDD to improve people’s mobile communications in medical care, information sharing, mobile video and community management among others.

Source: TelecomPaper

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