Huawei Launches Industry’s First High-Density AODF

Huawei has announced the release of the automatic optical distribution frame (AODF), which has the highest density in the industry. The AODF creates automatic fiber connections and improves the efficiency of managing and operating services on fiber networks, helping carriers to build automatic and intelligent fiber infrastructure networks.

The AODF provides three major functions. Specifically, the AODF can reduce site visits to equipment rooms located in remote areas, automatically connect fibers in central equipment rooms, and perform link switchovers in Internet data center (IDC) equipment rooms. It saves a considerable amount of time for engineers, uses fiber resources more efficiently, improves operation and management efficiency, and improves customer satisfaction.

In addition, its innovative micro-manipulator is small and easy to operate, and can be fully embedded in the AODF cabinet. The 2.2 m cabinet can hold a maximum of 720 cores with SC connectors, 40% more than the industry average. A unique checkerboard trajectory enables unblocked link cross-connections and efficient fiber connections, ensuring reliable remote control of connections. The AODF uses the industry-standard 19-inch cabinet and connectors. It also uses a modular design, which makes the AODF easy to expand and cost-effective. The AODF supports smooth evolution and upgrade from a traditional network to an intelligent fiber network.

As an important part of Huawei’s iODN solution, the AODF reduces the need for visits to sites to manually connect fibers, substantially reducing engineering costs. The AODF can automatically perform link switchovers when a link fault is detected, achieving fast service recovery and realizing a high-quality fiber infrastructure network.”

Wang Dexiang, Director of Huawei’s Fiber Infrastructure BU

The high-density AODF in the industry had been demonstrated by Huawei on October 22 to 24 in Hall 11, Booth D28 at the Broadband World Forum 2013 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. AODF receives much concern after successful demonstration.

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