Huawei launches eMBMS innovation centre in Shenzhen

Huawei has launched an enhanced Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (eMBMS) innovation centre in Shenzhen in order to develop eMBMS offerings and LTE applications.

eMBMS is a 3GPP R9 standard for mobile video that enables a transfer capacity over typical MBMS technologies. Huawei’s eMBMS innovation centre will focus on on-demand video services and broadcast information based on eMBMS. This will enhance LTE applications and accelerate the development of the eMBMS industry chain, which includes chipsets, devices, and network equipment. The innovation centre will also serve as an experience centre for operators. Video, mobile TV and advertisements will be showcased via mobile smart devices employing Huawei’s eMBMS offerings.

Huawei’s LTE division has been committed to providing the best commercially performing network, the best end user experience through devices and innovative services, as well as end-to-end convergent solutions for helping operators with their business success. Huawei’s eMBMS innovation center will push the development of mobile video well into the future.

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