Huawei and GlobalData Announce Index White paper

Huawei and GlobalData Announce Index White paper

A global ICT solutions provider and GlobalData, a digital media company have jointly released a new white paper entitled “The Future is Now for the Holistic Network Index-Network Experience Index”. Huawei and GlobalData Announce Index White paper.

According to statement the white paper provides a benchmark or standard for mobile operators to have a macro view of network that reflects the real end user service experience.

Huawei and GlobalData Announce Index White paper

Recently as mobile network develops the number of counters KPIs (key performance indicators), KQIs (key quality indicators) and QoE (quality of experience) indicators across different technologies keep building up. It is getting more difficult to keep track of which indicators to closely follow.

Huawei’s NEI represents the score extracted from four key categories, namely Voice Experience, Web Experience, Video Experience and Network Capabilities. NEI presents a unified standard from typical experience modeling, ensuring network experience features and trends can be measured.

Network ranking and evaluation can also be generated, which can guide experience-centric network building.

Although the white paper also includes results from GlobalData on a diverse range of operators, including multinational and local operators spread across various geographies. Insights about the emerging requirements and new approaches to network benchmarking and testing are also provided.

Further the benefits of NEI, as featured in the CMCC Sichuan Mobile (Chengdu) Case Study are showcased in the white paper. However the improvements that NEI contributed to Sichuan Mobile are described, including a significant improvement of U-vMOS score from 3.15 to 3.9.

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