HP Aurasma Boosts Scalability and Performance for Augmented Reality with HP Cloud

Aurasma 2.5 makes it possible to host 50 times more content for mobile devices

HP Autonomy has announced the new version of Aurasma, the world’s leading augmented reality (AR) platform, introducing new cloud-matching capabilities that enable the app to trigger 50 times more content without compromising speed or performance.

Moving the AR image matching to the cloud means that the resource-intensive processing takes place on the server side rather than on the user’s device. This improves performance and makes it possible to host potentially unlimited AR content in the cloud.

Aurasma 2.5 has been optimized to handle the growing volumes of data and increased AR demands of the enterprise. Aurasma 2.5 can automatically match images with relevant digital information without any human intervention by making use of existing databases and HP Autonomy’s big data analytics technology. This means that users can visually search the world around them with Aurasma to discover relevant information in context.


Aurasma 2.5 features digital content for thousands of well-known brand logos, which allow users to visually search for content immediately upon downloading the Aurasma app. Users can find out which logos come to life and see Aurasma’s visual search in action by downloading Aurasma from the App Store or Google Play and scrolling through the image thumbnails.

“We love working with companies that, like Best Western, are committed to innovation. Using Aurasma technology in our summer promotion provided Best Western with an exciting platform to connect and engage with our customers in a whole new way.”

 –Dorothy Dowling, senior vice president, marketing and sales, Best Western International.

As more and more companies use augmented reality to improve their customer interactions, Aurasma needed to scale to meet our customer demands. Aurasma 2.5 provides potentially unlimited scalability and to showcase this, we’ve added thousands of automatically created AR experiences.”

-Annie Weinberger, general manager, HP Aurasma.

About HP Autonomy

HP Autonomy is a global leader in software that processes unstructured human information, including social media, email, video, audio, text and web pages. Using HP Autonomy’s information management and analytics technologies, organizations can extract meaning in real time from data in virtually any format or language, including structured data. A range of purpose-built market offerings helps organizations drive greater value through information analytics, unified information access, archiving, eDiscovery, enterprise content management, data protection and marketing optimization. Additional information is available at www.autonomy.com.



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