HEC Encourages Universities to Avail Qualcomm University Free 5G Training Program

HEC Encourages Universities to Avail Qualcomm University Free 5G Training Program

Higher Education Commission of Pakistan strives to overcome the gap between industry and academia to produce skilled work force in the market. Therefore, HEC has over the past few years approached industry partners to contribute to the development of industry led programs. In this regard HEC has initiated a program in collaboration with Central Asian Cellular Forum (CACF) and Qualcomm Wireless Academy (QWA) to deliver free 5G training program for the university’s students.

5G revolution is opening doors to new ways of improving public safety. Reliable, super-fast speeds, massive bandwidth, and low latency would greatly aid public safety officials in doing their jobs more efficiently. But it is not possible to get the full advantage of 5G technology without attaining in-depth knowledge of it.

HEC Encourages Universities to Avail Qualcomm University Free 5G Training Program

Dr. Shaista Sohail (Executive Director) HEC who initiated this venture has earlier held meeting at Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry with Central Asian Cellular Forum that was attended by HEC members, Industry scientists and Academia persons (from different universities).  The objective of the meeting was to reduce the gap between industry and academia explained by Dr. Shaista Sohail.  She further said due to the dearth of collaborations between industry and academia, it has been observed that students are losing chances to avail all the great available opportunities in the market as they lack the required skill set. Moreover, it has also been noticed that the faculty of most universities is highly qualified but due to limited or no exposure to the current industry trends, they are unable to cover the practical details that can assist the students to attain essential skill set as demanded by the industry. The faculty focuses more on theoretical aspects and due to that, universities deliver less skilled workforce who is unable to match industry requirements and trends-she explained.

Realizing the fact that 5G technology is expanding rapidly across the globe and there is huge requirement of 5G enabled Wireless Engineers and Technicians, Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has joined hands with Central Asian Cellular Forum in collaboration with Qualcomm Wireless Academy (QWA) and has issued letter to all universities in Pakistan for taking advantage of the 5G courses being offered by Qualcomm Wireless Academy. In the letter HEC requested the universities to enroll their students in 5G training program for professional development and to meet the industry’s requirement. Upon completion of the respective courses, students will receive Qualcomm branded certificates of completion. QWA is also offering more advanced 5G trainings at a discounted price.

The opportunity is open for both undergraduate and graduate students at universities. 5G technology Training program is prepared and delivered by QWA technology experts. The HEC Executive Director expressed the hope that the free 5G training program from QWA will help to develop the great understanding of 5G technology and will enable students in Pakistan to enhance their skills according to industry standards.

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