Gulyam Artikov Appointed As Beeline Regional Development Director

Beeline has announced that Gulyam Artikov has been appointed as director on regional development of Unitel. He replaced Abai Kalonov, who left the company in July 2013.

Director-general of Unitel Andrei Safronyuk said that Gulyam Artikov is one of the experienced managers of the company and the operator became number one in Bukhara region in 2007 under his management. He expressed his assurance that his experience will help to solve tasks of the company on regional development.

Gulyam Artikov will also keep his position as head of the Southern-Western regional branch of Beeline, which provides services to Bukhara and Navoi regions.

Artikov said among his main tasks is to introduce single standards of providing quality services in all regions of Uzbekistan. He also said that the company will work on improving level of services, modernizing network and expanding and promoting 3G technologies, etc.

Source: UzDaily

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